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Its one of those mystic love and integration stories on the Sahara Desert


LONELY LOVE: by © Reuben Y. ODOI

Lonely love a mirror

When May marching June July beauty butterfly

‘’ May maymoula soundani manayou

Afriqui manayou, soudani manayou Afriqui manayou’’

I thought we were friends to be

Walking side by side through the wilderness

Why wanting winter weather breaks my mirror?

When bright ray blinds my eye from seeing you

When bright ray blinds my eye from seeing you

‘’ May maymoula soundani manayou

Afriqui nanayou, soudani manayou Afriqui manayou’’

Funny frog fishing flowers

Under rivers of romance

Shining silents silver smile

Sleeping sane singing soul song

Sleeping sane singing soul song

Lady a love mirror Lola love a mirror

(Lalai lalia lalai lalai lalai mirror, mirror)

fading out.

Copyright © Reuben Y. ODOI


from Messages From A Stranger, track released April 6, 2013
Over 900 years ago, during the Almoravid dynasty in the 11th century, slavery, conscription and trade brought people from West Africa (present-day Mali, Burkina Fasso and Senegal area) to the Maghreb (Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia). Since it was believed that large groups of enslaved people came from Ancient Ghana (a kingdom north of Mali) in the 11th and the 13th centuries, these enslaved groups were called Gnawa.

They play music in a form of chanting to the Spirites. The Gnawa originally used their music and dance to heal the pain of their captivity. Gnawa lyrics contain many references to the privations of exile and slavery. In some songs we find words that express the trauma of being displaced and the deep hurt of loosing their homes.
This is well illustrated in the following song:
They brought from the Sudan
The nobles of this country brought us
They brought us to serve them
They brought us to bow to them
They brought us Oh there is no God but God
We believe in God's justice.[4]
In another song:
The Sudan, oh! Sudan
The Sudan, the land of my people
I was enslaved, I was sold,
I was taken away from my loved ones.



all rights reserved


The Minority Globe Casablanca, Morocco

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